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"They breached defenses... last hope... Bunker Alfa... Pass..."

Bunker Alfa is one of several Army bunkers that can be found on the Global Map. It consists of a separate ground-floor level and three sublevel portions that can be accessed via passcode (obtainable from dead soldiers in resource areas or with CB Radio). The underground floors can be quite difficult to survive for lower-leveled players, and it is a good idea to bring decent armor and weapons to these floors.

Despite the risk, venturing into the bunker's lower levels can be quite lucrative for those who are capable of surviving its dangers. In addition to giving access to loot-filled reward chests, the bunker also offers a method of modifying firearms to make them stronger.

Main Level

Bunker Alfa.png

The outside area of the main level contains several Pine Trees and a lootable corpse with a half-used Glock 17 in its inventory. To gain entrance to the Bunker's interior, a CAC Card A is required for first-time access. After using the access card, this area will remain unlocked permanently.

Inside, there are no zombies but several lockers containing useful Items. These items on the main level do not reset. While this prevents returning for new loot, it allows the area to function as a storage location separate from the player's home. There are 7 separate lockers.


The sublevels portion of the Bunker functions differently from the ground floor. A unique code, which changes every day, is required for access to the underground. Once the terminal is activated, an entrance appears and a unique instance of the sublevels is created which lasts for 48 hours (from the time of opening) before reset. During this period, all progress is saved including enemies killed, items looted, and the corpse of the last player death. Upon reset, the sublevels can be revisited with a new code. All enemies will have respawned and items will be reset. Beginning with version 1.5.6, the primary method of obtaining valuable Items is via a Coupon exchange system.

"More Power" Error Message

On some devices, if you attempt to input the passcode into the bunker's terminal, you will receive the following error message: "It seems that the device needs more power." This means the device on which you are playing the game does not meet the minimum specifications to be able to handle the lower levels of the bunker. Although recent optimizations will reduce the number of players who see this message, for some people, it may be time for an upgrade!


To access the sublevels of the bunker, a passcode must be entered into the computer terminal in the main building on the ground floor. This passcode changes every day and must be manually entered every time the bunker resets (48 hours after it was last opened). The code is shared between all players on a particular operating system (Android and iOS users have different codes) and can be found in the following locations:

  • CB Radio: This furniture can be built in your home base, and an exclamation point icon will appear over it to notify you the code has reset. Simply interact with it to view the new code.
  • Dead Soldier: This corpse can be found in resource zones and appears as a red "X" on the Minimap in those zones. Upon looting this corpse, a dialogue box will appear with the code. Items cannot be looted from this corpse.


There are several features unique to the sublevel portion such as modified zombies, Turrets, the Coupon exchange system, and special objects/rooms.

  • Creatures: Unlike their counterparts outside the bunker, some of the zombies in the sublevels have unique traits. Most notably, they do not use special attacks, and they have altered (usually reduced) sight ranges, including attacking the player in groups if one is alerted. They also do more damage than zombies outside the bunker.
  • Electrified Fence: This does damage to the player at a very high rate when in contact.
  • Elevator: This allows movement to other floors. Each floor loads as a separate zone.
  • Gas Chamber: This is a room entirely filled with poisonous gas. The gas does damage to the player at a very high rate unless they are equipped with a Gas Mask (which absorbs damage while exposed to gas, until breakage).
  • Gas Leaking from Pipes: Some areas contain gas bursting from pipes. This gas does damage to the player at a very high rate. Depending on the location, some pipes can be shut off from a source valve, or the gas may only leak at periodic intervals and can be passed if timed properly. Additionally, the Gas Mask can be equipped to protect the player from damage as in the Gas Chamber.
  • Generator: (Nonfunctional in current versions) In previous versions, activating generators was necessary to provide power for access to lower sublevel floors.
  • Gore: Gore is usually indicated by a red colored area on the Minimap. The effect on the player is to reduce their movement speed while in these areas by approximately half. Additionally, in halls with arms protruding from walls, contact with the arms will cause 3 damage to the player. These arms do not damage armor.
  • Laser Tripwire Alarm: Crossing these lasers sounds an alarm that alerts a group of nearby enemies to the player's presence.
  • Terminals: Accessing computer terminals performs various actions such as remotely opening doors or turning off laser tripwire alarms.
  • Turret: An automated turret attacks the player once in range. It has 250 HP, a 360-degree attack radius, and range approximately equivalent to the Glock 17. Turrets have an armor rating that reduces incoming damage by half. These turrets do not attack zombies.

Floor 1 - Lobby

The first sublevel serves as a "lobby" area and contains several features related to the lower areas of the bunker. A notable feature of this floor is the Coupon exchange terminals, which can be used to obtain loot-filled reward crates. There is also an Army Specialist who can be rescued at the end of the second sublevel and will return to the lobby and unlock the Overseer Room, where he will offer several benefits to the player.

Coupons for the reward terminals can be found on the corpses of defeated Creatures and from boxes/lockers in the bunker. Additionally, coupons have a low chance of being found outside the bunker.

Rationing Terminal.png
Survival Kit Terminal.png
Combat Gear Terminal.png
  • Rationing Terminal: 20 tickets are required for each Ration Box. Each Ration Box has the chance to contain food, weapons, parts, medicine, resources, or simple protective clothing but may contain none of them.
  • Survival Kit Terminal: 25 tickets are required for each Survival Kit. Each survival kit has the chance to contain guns, vehicle parts, medicines, refined resources, military clothing, or gasoline but may contain none of them.
  • Combat Gear Terminal: 30 tickets are required for each Combat Gear Box. Each Combat Gear Box (by far the best in terms of gear) has the chance to contain modified weapons, heavy firearms, vehicle parts, high-grade military gear, paint patterns, rare resources, or gasoline but may contain none of them.
  • Overseer Room:
  1. The Specialist will accept Personnel Effects, Identification Tags, and Military Notebooks, rewarding the player with reputation, which unlocks new weapons, firearm modifications, and Floppy Disks.
  2. The specialist will modify the Glock 17, M16, and AK-47 (dependent on reputation), consuming Weapon Parts, Gun Oil, and Steel Bars in the process.
  3. The Tactical Terminal uses the Floppy with Coordinates to give the location of a valuable loot crate (creating a new, limited-time event on the Global Map).
  4. The bunker's Hard Mode can be activated in this room, although this is not recommended for inexperienced or under-geared players.

Floor 2

Notable features in Floor 2 include gas leaking from pipes (some of which can be shut off by a valve), gore areas, a terminal-controlled door, a turret, and Frenzied Giants, among other enemies.

Floor 3

Notable features in Floor 3 include an electrified fence, a gas chamber, gas leaking from pipes, a generator, a gore area, terminal-controlled doors and laser tripwire alarm, and a turret. Additionally, the Acid Bath blueprint is learned from a drafting table in one of the final rooms.


Bunker Alfa Map (2nd floor) 1.6.9+


Bunker Alfa Map (3rd floor) 1.6.9+

169 normal 3.png

Maps Hardmode

Bunker Alfa Map (2nd floor) 1.6.9+

169 hardmode 2.png

Bunker Alfa Map (3rd floor) 1.6.9+

169 hardmode 3.png


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Video Walkthroughs

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The red coupon glitch works perfectly for iOS since iOS saves 24/7, but on Android, you might lose your data, so use it at your own risk.


The updated bunker code is posted to Discord's LDoE channel's #bunker-codes thread.


  • The sublevels were introduced in version 1.5.
  • In previous versions, some Items were required to repair various terminals and generators to progress through the sublevels.
  • As of 1.6, Bunker A card is no longer in the inventory of the corpse near the Bunker Alfa door.